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Annual Charity Golf Day.

Our 2023 Charity Golf Day raised a whopping £5501.61!

As a community-driven company, we proudly demonstrate our commitment to local charities through our annual Charity Golf Day. An event which serves as a platform to raise much-needed funds in support causes that benefit our local community.


Participants from all walks of life come together on the beautifully manicured greens, combining their love for golf with a shared passion for making a difference. We feel our dedication shines as we organise a day filled with friendly competition, sponsorships, and generous donations. By leveraging the power of our network, we create a positive impact, providing much-needed resources to local charitable organisations.


Through our annual charity golf day, the Daly Group exemplifies the spirit of giving and community involvement.


Nelson’s Journey supports children and young people in Norfolk who’ve experienced the death of a significant person. They provide a range of resources and services, and accept referrals from families and professionals for those who may need their support. Since 1997, Nelson’s Journey has helped thousands of bereaved children and young people in the county. It is thanks to the tremendous support of our local community that our work is possible.

Introducing "The Offside Trust" – a beacon of hope and support for survivors of abuse in the world of sport. Founded on the principles of compassion and solidarity, this remarkable charity strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for athletes and individuals affected by misconduct. Standing tall against the shadows that tarnish the beautiful game, The Offside Trust is committed to empowering survivors, raising awareness, and driving lasting change. Together, they inspire a new era of transparency, accountability, and healing, ensuring that the voice of every survivor is heard, believed, and respected.

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